Our core service offering is to support businesses through their data journey. This could be anything from developing an idea from its inception, to supporting a business find appropriate funding or capacity needs/ business partners and supporting data led business with their valuation.

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We partner with your business/ investment interest to:

We aim to protect your reputation through our evaluation of your model and business against our framework for Trustworthy AI.

We partner with not for profit organisations

We have worked with universities to develop courses on AI for senior executives. We can also provide support to governments/ regulatory bodies in determining appropriate and proportionate oversight for data driven businesses and those using AI.

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Data governance
Bring your idea to life
Idea evaluation/ validation/ valuation
Build Trust in your Business Model
Business support
Build a data-led solution

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The services we offer develop with time and your business needs. If you need something specific but cannot find it in our services – get in touch to see whether we can offer you what you need.