At Intrepid Tech Ventures, we can support organisations in the identification and creation of an intelligent solution across their business to support the unique need of that organisation. This can be anything from the development of a predictive pricing model in insurance to an algorithm that supports the timing and nature of fish-farming in an aqua culture business. Similarly models can be derived to address a specific regulatory need, such as identifying consumer behaviour on a real-time basis in the e-Gaming sector.

“We have a unique approach to building models, which is centered around understanding and addressing the needs of your organisation. When your needs are well understood, we go through our process to develop a model.”

Kevin Sookhee

Our approach to building a model

Models are dynamic by their very nature, and their decision making continues to evolve as the usable data sources grow – the model is refined to identify the most potent features.

There needs to be a continuous feedback loop maintained across the process to ensure that the model is being trained with the available information. This is not a one-off exercise – it is evolutionary.