Make your data work in your favour

Our Approach

At ITV, we can undertake a deep dive of the data you collect to assess its possible use cases in deriving a data led model. We have developed a proprietary framework for assessing a company’s data and systems to identify risks and opportunities. We support businesses to enhance their understanding the current data set and systems, which will in turn inform a data strategy and the consideration of the type of data analytics solution that could be used.

This process starts with a deep dive into your data and spans across an organisation’s operational, revenue generating and strategy divisions to gather insights on the nature of its data collection, storage and process. It also allows the reviewer to understand the limitations of the data, the correlations within it, and whether there are any gaps.

This review will also form the foundation of your regulatory compliance, where all reported information is assumed to be of high quality.

The data audit will provide the basis for an organisation’s data strategy and the way in which the organisation will be able to gain the maximum possible value from its data universe.